Kay Quist Quilt Designs wool applique patterns

Welcome to From Paints To Pincushions!

The quilting and appliqué patterns you'll find on our new website are the result of the collaboration of two artists; Kay Quist, a long time designer and painter of tole and decorative art (see her work at www.Kayquist.com) and Alisa Quist, her daughter, who inherited her mother's artistic genes and began at an early age expressing her talents in various mediums, eventually moving into graphic design work as a profession. After asking a good friend to teach her to quilt, Alisa discovered the joy of combining color and pattern in fabric and stitches.

A few months ago, Alisa approached Kay with an idea. "Why not combine my new quilt making obsession with your designs, and publish some patterns?" Kay loved the idea, so we ran with it! We hope you will enjoy what has evolved from Kay's and Alisa's pairing of talents! We are working on more pattern projects now and will post them as soon as they are ready. Thanks!